Le Pianore

Founded in 1990 and recognised by the Parks Authority as a natural refuge, Le Pianore is a certified organic farm, where nature is protected. Located on the slopes of Mount Amiata, it is crossed by streams and surrounded by woods alive with fauna. Born out of the shared dream of Elena and Francesco, Le Pianore is now run by their children Enrica Laura and Filippo, who organise agricultural tourism in a symbiotic relationship with the environment and with a near-zero impact. Tradition and ecology are married with technological innovation with the goal of ethical and sustainable growth. All stages of production, from the field to the final product are characterised by the utmost respect for nature and the fruits that it gives us. In the winery and cellar, 90% of the energy used comes from renewable sources of biomass and solar panels. Only organic plant substances are used in the field through the practice of green manuring and the use of biodynamic preparations. In addition, our labels are printed on paper produced from grape residues derived from their crushed skins. The vineyards are located 500 metres above sea level and are exposed to the north-east, on a medium-textured soil with good levels of sand, active limestone and various types of clay. This altitude and exposure generate a significant thermal excursion that allows the plants never to pause in their life cycle and thus to produce soft tannins and fresh wines.

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