Elia Palazzesi

The character of a wine is a balance between two main factors: a select terroir and pure passion, factors that distinguish wines of true excellence. Almost a hundred years after the founding of his company, Elia Palazzesi continues to produce wine as in days gone by, guided by tradition. By way of added value, the wine is now certified organic.

Particularly suitable soils with alluvial deposits, gravel and sand, which are so rich in clay that they require particularly careful processing: this is what defines Collelceto.

Elia truly makes the most of these soils: balanced musts and highly concentrated wines suitable for long aging. The vineyards vary in altitude from 150 to 180 metres above sea level, sheltered to the north by wooded hills, while towards the south-west the valley opens up to the mistral winds typical of the Maremma coast, guaranteeing perpetually temperate conditions, which are fundamental for the healthy and prolonged ripening of the grapes.

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