Ornella Tondini and Lionel Cousin moved to Montalcino from Paris with their daughter Orsa in the 1990s. Ornella was a journalist at L’Autre Journal, while Lionel worked as a director of film and photography.
They already had a strong bond with Montalcino, having spent most of their summer holidays at the Giardinello di Frescobaldi hosting many contemporary artists, actors, musicians and writers.

“We live on a rocky hill above the Ombrone River with good drainage, a high mineral content and a wonderful view. Year after year, we confirm that it is a truly great terroir. The estate consists of 35 hectares of organic farming: 6.4 hectares of vineyards, 2 hectares of olive trees, 18 hectares of woodland, and 8 hectares of arable land. We hope to be able to infuse our wine with memories, landscapes, seasons, and the story of our enchantment.”

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