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In 1999, Giovan Battista Basile bought this land in the Montecucco DOCG, on the slopes of the ancient Amiata Volcano, in the Tuscan Maremma. The property had been abandoned for 30 years. After the purchase, he decided to move with his family from his hometown of Naples to Cinigiano, to devote himself to the vineyard full-time.

The soils, which have a predominantly calcareous composition, are mostly exposed to the south-west at an altitude ranging from 380 to 330 metres. The climate is kept dry thanks to the constant winds in the area, with its very clear and sunny skies.

Since its inception, the vineyard has chosen to cultivate the land according to the dictates of organic farming. The grapes are checked and certified by the CCPB. The vineyard has a low environmental impact, as it produces clean energy with solar panels and has always followed the principles of green building and energy saving.

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